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AH-MAZING !! App from Rebellious Pixels lets you mash up girls and boys Lego adverts showing the sexism behind childrens advertising


Donald duck and right wing America meet

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Ladies and gentlemen, there is something wrong with America……..

Man sets himself on fire in Washington DC, on National Mall

"A man who set himself on fire on the National Mall in Washington Friday afternoon has died, a spokesperson for the Washington police said Saturday. Passers-by helped to extinguish the flames when they saw the unidentified man on fire, officials and witnesses said, before the man was flown to a hospital, where he died."

Capitol suspect Miriam Carey believed Obama electronically monitored her

"The woman who led police on a high-speed chase near the U.S. Capitol before being shot dead had a history of mental illness and believed President Obama was electronically monitoring her Connecticut home in order to broadcast her life on television, sources said.”

Seriously, what is up with America? I apologise to any of my American followers but from an outsiders perspective, there is something inherently odd and disturbing about a culture/ society where people act so extreme either because of delusion or political ideology.

I believe it is because America is a place where people are obsessed with freedom and democracy and are paranoid about ‘big government’- and the media perpetuate extreme nationalism. America is a paradox where people live in a culture where you are expected to be conservative to the extreme but are bombarded with contradictory media selling sex and violence.


Jesus fucking Christ


UK detention of Reprieve activist consistent with NSA's view of drone opponents as 'threats' and 'adversaries'



Please give this article the attention it deserves

Charity Reprieve’s Yemeni anti drone activist was  detained by Gatwick airport, under so called anti terrorism laws.

The activist Baraa Shiban says of his questioning by airport officials

"A telling exchange followed: "So," he asked, "does your organisation have anything to do with terrorism in Yemen?"

I replied, “My organisation addresses counter-terrorism abuses inside the country.”

"Exactly!" He said. "Why doesn’t your organisation do something about the terrorism that happens in your country, instead of focusing on the counter-terrorism abuses?"

"He went on, "What if your organisation did something bad [exactly what he did not specify] to your government – what if you are here because of the bad things your organisation has done to your government? The relations between Yemen and the UK are important. I want to know that your organisation is not disrupting them."

Don’t let Shiban and David Mirands’s treatment become the norm- make peole aware- reblog this post


51 UN Countries Vote to Keep Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal Hidden from Public View


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