Proof that Tesco hires candidates directly from overseas to work in the UK. 

The website Tesco Pharmacy jobs is an official Tesco website.

It gives a testimony from a candidate who was recruited directly from her university in Krakow for the forthcoming expansion of Tesco pharmacies in the UK:

'First of all we came by plane, which was paid by Tesco, and then we stayed in a hotel for the training period, which also was partially paid for by Tesco. And during this first 12 weeks we had training - good structured training - together with the language course provided for the college pharmacists. I've got some friends working for other companies as well and compared to their experience, the Tesco advantage is the training, firstly because there's quite a big change to work in a different country, operating within different law, within a different range of medicines'

It is unlikely that any media organisation will have the confidence or tenacity to challenge Tesco on their behaviour, whether it be tax dodging or relying on slave wages from foreign workers to fund their profits. Instead, Tesco’s legal threats and demands will keep their corporate propaganda rolling on in Britain’s press.